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DCP Announces Strategic Investment in American-Sino Healthcare, A Leading Premium Private Healthcare Service Provider in China

Jun 20, 2022


(Beijing, Hong Kong, June 20th, 2022) DCP, a leading international private equity firm, announced today that it has completed the proprietary strategic acquisition of American-Sino Healthcare (“American-Sino” or the “Company”), a pioneering private premium healthcare services provider in Shanghai specializing in obstetrics care. DCP plans to work closely with American-Sino’s management team to accelerate organic growth, finance synergistic acquisitions, and expand the Company’s leading market position in Shanghai.

Founded in 2003, American-Sino is a pioneer and leading private premium healthcare services provider in China. It is the undisputed leader in Shanghai’s private premium obstetrics market with an 18-year operating track record, best-in-class reputation and a large customer base. American-Sino is also the first private women and children’s healthcare service institution in Asia that received the DNV International Accreditation, a world-renowned accreditation which represents the highest standard of safety, quality and service in healthcare.

As the largest and wealthiest metropolis in China with close to 25 million residents, Shanghai will continue to see significant unmet demand for high quality healthcare services from its rising population of middle-class residents. In the post-Covid 19 era, demand for reliable and high-quality healthcare services has accelerated and will drive rapid and sustainable long-term growth. After weathering the challenges associated with Covid-19, American-Sino, as the leader in Shanghai healthcare services industry, is exceptionally well-positioned to capture the market’s growth opportunities by providing best-in-class care and service to customers. 

“DCP is very excited to become the strategic partner of American-Sino,” said Wayne Wang, Managing Director of DCP. “We not only believe that China’s private premium healthcare industry has significant growth potential, but also recognize American-Sino’s outstanding reputation and strong management and experienced team of doctors. Post-investment, we will leverage our resources and deep operational expertise to work closely with management team to accelerate its growth and reinforce its leadership position.”

“American-Sino marks another major investment in the healthcare sector by DCP. We plan to work closely with management to accelerate American-Sino’s transformation into a one-stop provider of healthcare services to women and families in Shanghai. Through focused growth initiatives as well as selective external partnerships and acquisitions, we look forward to bringing even better services to American-Sino’s loyal customers.” said Jason Ju, Managing Director of DCP.


About American-Sino Healthcare:

American-Sino Healthcare is a leading private premium healthcare services provider based in Shanghai. Founded in 2003, American-Sino is the undisputed leader in Shanghai’s private premium obstetrics market with an 18 year operating track record, best-in-class reputation, and a large customer base of hundreds of thousands of patients. The Company currently operates a network of facilities including one hospital and two clinic/medical centers in Shanghai and offers healthcare services such as obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, and family healthcare.