A Private Commercial Lender

DCP Capital is private financing company that is focused on providing capital to commercial real estate industry. Our main customers are people interested to buy commercial real estate assets such as retail, multi-family, office, hotels, warehouses, senior housing, performing/non-performing notes and REOs, buy they don’t have all the capital they need to complete their transactions.

What makes us unique and different from other financing companies? We restructure a deal to meet the specific needs of each client and in doing so we are very creative and flexible. We close a qualified deal within 4 weeks.

We do bridge loans, we do recapitalization, we do restructures, we do note repurchases and we do special situations. From an asset class perspective, we are pretty much agnostic on asset classes. We also help clients who are seeking to buy back their own commercial mortgage notes. Many people who own the real estate have found that the values have dropped, or the asset is non-performing and their lenders may be interested to sell the notes at a discount.

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